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Our Story

     Welcome to The Joy Spot, where southern hospitality meets mobile entertainment! Founded in 2023 by the dynamic sister duo, Jeanie Williamson and Wynetta Eleby Harris, The Joy Spot is a one-of-a-kind mobile lounge experience that's been spreading warmth, good times, and unforgettable moments throughout North Florida.

     The idea for The Joy Spot sprouted from the sisters' countless years of hosting family and friend gatherings, which always left people yearning for more of their unique blend of warmth and charm. They realized that it was time to share their passion for good times, good drinks, good food, and good people beyond their inner circle and onto the open road.

     The heart and soul of The Joy Spot is their custom-designed 32-foot trailer, meticulously crafted to provide comfort and joy to up to 20 guests at a time. With a warm and inviting atmosphere, The Joy Spot offers the perfect space for creating memories with friends, family, or colleagues that will last a lifetime.

Our mission is simple: to bring the joy to your special occasions. Whether you're planning a corporate event, a family celebration, a wedding, or any other gathering, The Joy Spot has you covered. Our dedicated team is committed to making your event extraordinary with two fantastic options - our Barrel and Tent Packages, perfect for outdoor events, and our Mobile Lounge Rental Package, designed to bring the party to your doorstep.

     At The Joy Spot, we understand that every celebration is unique, just like the people who host them. That's why we offer a range of customizable options to ensure your event is tailored to your specific needs and desires. We're not just a mobile lounge; we're your partners in creating unforgettable moments.

     So, whether you're planning a milestone celebration, a company retreat, or a neighborhood get-together, let The Joy Spot be the source of your happiness and relaxation. Jeanie, Wynetta, and our entire team look forward to turning your dreams into reality as we bring our southern hospitality and mobile lounge to you. Get ready to experience the joy of The Joy Spot - where good times are our specialty.

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